This is a 10″ long fireboat. The hull is hollow which makes a reservoir to hold water when filled. The pump behind the smokestack would be depressed and water would…

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Indian Chief Salesman Sample

Indian Chief Salesman Sample

This is a salesman sample of the Indian Chief canoe with the tag still attached. It is 10″ long and is the birch bark version. It also came with a…

Sailboat "Breeze" #624

Sailboat “Breeze” #624

This is a near mint never played with “Breeze” sailboat. It is 14″ long. This sailboat appears in the 1956 catalog. From my private collection.

Fireboat #208

Fireboat #208

This is one of the larger fireboats at 14″ long by 4″ wide. The hose is missing from the bow. When the pump, silver knob, is raised and then depressed…

Keystone Ferry Boat

Keystone Ferry Boat C-7

This ferry boat is a bit of a mystery at the moment. I am sure it was made in the 1950’s but it appears in none of the catalogs. It…

Keystone Early Tug

Keystone Early Tugboat

This is an early Tugboat. It is 14″ long and very light for a Keystone boat. It is from sometime before 1933. One of the indicators of its early age…

Keystone Blue Tug Boat

Keystone Tug Boat

This small tug boat, 6″ by 2″ is likely from a #344 tug and barge set. It has a slight variation in the smoke stack. From my private collection.

Keystone Red Indian Chief Canoe

Keystone Indian Chief Canoe

This is a smaller version of the chief canoe at 8″ by 2″. Interesting this one never had the hole punched in the sail to tie in the lines. From…

Keystone Small Sailboat

Keystone Small Sailboat

This small sailboat measures 7.75″ by 2.25″. It is the same size and hull as the model #100 but has different rigging. From my private collection.