Jacrim Dairy Wagon

Here is a photograph of a young boy riding a Jacrim “Drive ‘Em” dairy wagon, model #466.  This photo would be from the early 1930s. From my private collection.

Keystone #44 Truck Loader at the Beach

This is a nice photo of a Keystone #44 Truck Loader at the beach.  I wonder where the truck is?  The photo is dated July 1941. From my private collection.

Jacrim Wooden Ship

  This photo is very small so it is difficult to identify the ship but it is definitely a Jacmin wooden ship. From my private collection.

1947 Boy with Keystone Sailboat

This lucky boy is holding a Keystone sailboat.  Both father and son are dry so I would like to think that this sailboat is going on its maiden voyage.  This…