Strombecker Car Carrier

This is a Strombecker car carrier that measures 20″ long.  It would come with three cars or trucks.  There are several different versions and colors for this carrier. From my…

Strombecker Daytona Beach Car

This is a nice example of a Strombecker Daytona Beach car.  It measures 5.5″ long. From my private collection.

Strombecker Sedan

This is an early Strombecker sedan from the 1930’s.  It is 5.25″ long. From my private collection.

Strombecker Supply Co. Truck

This is a nice Strombecker Supply Co. truck that is 5.5″ long.  It is unusual in that it has a dark green body instead of the usual light brown and…

Keystone Wood Toys #318 Sailboat

This is a Keystone Wood Toys #318 sailboat that is NOS.  It is 12″ long.  The sailboat was made after 1953.  You may notice some paint flaking on the edge…