Keystone Movie Projectors Catalog

Junior Model Catalog

This is a small fold out catalog of projectors and films. based on the cover graphics I would place this circa 1930. From my private collection.

Keystone Kinescope Catalog 1930

Kinescope Catalog 1930

This catalog is mid sized and features projectors and films. The catalog is dated 1930. From my private collection.

Keystone Projector Pamphlet

Keystone Projector Pamphlet

A pamphlet from I believe the 1950s for a complete set up to make and show your own movies at home. From my private collection.

Keystone Moviegraph Catalog 1926

Keystone Moviegraph Catalog from 1926. This catalog has no titles to the movies for sale. They are divided into general catagories. The reason for this is that these were used…

Keystone Camera Catalog, Foreign

Foreign Keystone Camera Catalog

This is a 17 page camera, projector and film catalog issued before 1941. It is of interest because the dealers address in in the Netherlands. It is printed on gloss…

Keystone Pictograph

Keystone Pictograph Leaflet

This little leaflet measures in at 3.75″ by 6.25″ and came with the model 441 pictograph. This leaflet was issued with a pictograph between 1948 and 1952. From my private…

Keystone Moviegraph Catalog

This is a 5.75″ by 9″ pamphlet style catalog. Keystone was at 288 A Street from 1925 to 1941. Based on the graphics and content the catalog is from the…