1949 Ad

1949 Advertisement

A nice lineup of playsets that Keystone produced in 1949. From my private collection.

1930 Ad

1930 Advertisement

Ads like this can be invaluable for collectors. The Jacrim cannon is a well know toy but the additional fourteen 7″ soldiers were unknown until this ad surfaced. From my…

Playthings April 1935 Ad

Playthings April 1935 Advertisement

Playthings ad that has both Marks Brothers and Keystone at 288 A Street. Jacrim is no longer mentioned as it was incorporated into Keystone the year before. From my private…

1956 Ad

1956 Advertisement

A nice lineup of some of the toys Keystone offered in 1956. From my private collection.

Traffic Outfit #737 Ad

Traffic Outfit #737 Ad

This is a rather small but very descriptive ad about the Traffic Outfit. This ad would have been from the mid 1950’s. From my private collection.

Keystone 1920s Ad

Keystone 1920s Ad

A small ad a newspaper advertising a Keystone projector. From the early 1920s. From my private collection.

1949 Wards Christmas Catalog

An ad from a 1949 Wards Christmas catalog.  The second photo is of the toy descriptions from the page following the toy pictures. From my private collection.