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This list is a year to year listing of the company locations associated with Keystone Manufacturing.  The addresses are gleaned from invoices, letters and catalogs.  Referencing the years of a particular company address is a great way to narrow down the production years of a toy.

1924 – 1925 Jacrim Manufacturing at 3 Cross Street, Malden

1926 – 1927 Jacrim Manufacturing at 615 Albany Street, Boston

1928 – 1933 Jacrim Manufacturing at 288 A Street, Boston

1919 – Keystone Manufacturing at 101 Albany Street, Boston

1920 – 1924 Keystone Manufacturing at 53 Wareham Street, Boston

1925 – 1941 Keystone Manufacturing at 288 A Street, Boston

1942 – 1960 Keystone Manufacturing at 151 Hallet Street, Boston

1953 – 1961 Keystone Camera Company at 135 Hallet Street, Boston

1962 – 1963 Keystone Camera Company at 151 Hallet Street, Boston

1954 – 1958 Keystone Wood Toys Inc. at 143 Hallet Street, Boston

1919 – 1920  Marks Brothers Company at 40-44 Winchester Street, Boston

1921 – 1924 Marks Brothers Company at 615 Albany Street, Boston

19251941 Marks Brothers Company at 288 A Street, Boston

1942 – 1949 Marks Brothers Company at 151 Hallet Street, Boston

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