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I have been collecting antique toys for more than forty years.  I started hunting for old toys at yard sales and antique shops with my grandmother in Pennsylvania during the seventies.  There weren’t any department stores close so this is where I found my “new” toys each summer.  Before I knew it I was looking for specific types of toys and older was always better.  All of those early toy acquisitions are long gone but the collecting continues on.  I bought my first Keystone ship when I was ten, which I still own today.  Curious, I did some research at the library to learn more about the cool little rocket ship that I found.  My research came up empty and so did every conversation I had with any dealers or collectors that I talked to.  So an obsession was born.  It would be another ten years before I found my next Keystone ship, this time a B-8 Battleship.  From then on I would find another Keystone toy every year or two.  My Keystone collection grew slowly but I was busy collecting toy soldiers at the time.

In the late 90’s I started to seriously hunt down anything Keystone.  I decided to focus on just Keystone wooden toys because I was still finding little information about anything other than Keystone metal ride on toys.  In fact I ran into several collectors and dealers of the ride on toys that did not even know Keystone produced wooden toys.  My collection grew quickly, due primarily to the internet, over the next several years but I was still plagued by a lack of information.  So I started to track every online auction, ask the sellers questions and buy every catalog and piece of ephemera that I could find.  This lead to compiling lists and spreadsheets of information.  A picture of Keystone started to emerge but there were and still are many gaps.

So here I am with this site to share the Keystone toys and information that I have collected over the years, to ask for information that others may have collected and hopefully find other Keystone toy collectors. I hope you will enjoy what I have put together.

Happy hunting,

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