Fort Washington #534

Fort Washington #534

This is a near mint in the box Fort Washington #534. This is one of the largest forts Keystone made. This is not one of their exploding forts. The only…


Paddle Boat

This is an interesting paddle boat that currently has an unknown manufacturer although it has many similarities to Jacrim and early Keystone boats. It measures 18″ long. It is a…

Exploding Fort

Early Keystone Exploding Fort

An early example of an exploding fort. It measures 14″ wide with the cannon being 7.5″ long. When the red target was hit on the fort all of the top…

Jacrim Floor Boat

Tom Thumb Floor Boat

This a unique and currently unknown boat. It is 12″ long. The mast is not original but based on the broken remains of the original one. It is also missing…

Playful Plans

 I offer affordable, exacting repairs to vintage wooden toys (including composition and metal parts, mechanisms, fabrics and more) from fixing splits, bent or broken parts and damaged finishes to fine…

Antique Toy Collectors of America

Do you collect antique toys? Would you like to join others who love antique toys the way you do? This site is dedicated to the history, beauty, and preservation of…

Battery Powered Motorboat

Battery Powered Motorboat

This nice little battery powered motorboat is 9″ long. It runs on an old C battery. All wood hull. Circa late 1930’s. From my private collection.

Strombecker Yellow Van

Strombecker Yellow Van

A 5.5″ long Strombecker yellow van in NM condition with white rubber tires. Circa 1935. From my private collection.