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the history of Keystone Mfg. Company and the toys it produced from 1919 to 1960.

Keystone Company History



The intent of this site is to research and share the true story of Keystone Manufacturing.  There are many bits and pieces of Keystone history out there, some correct and others not, that tell a very similar story. I will be gathering and reviewing everything out there to remove the inaccuracies and create a cohesive story of Keystone’s history.  The history will be built on confirmed facts, documents and catalogs.  If a bit of information cannot be verified with written proof it will not be added.  As the history of Keystone is fleshed out there will be inaccuracies that will change as more information comes to light.  This will usually pertain to time frames of production, company personal times of service and company movements to new locations.  Included in this history will be information on the Marks Brothers Company, Jacrim Manufacturing, Keystone Manufacturing, Keystone Wood Toys, Keystone Camera Company and Dover Film Company as all of these companies were connected at some point.  Be understanding to the process of finding the true history of a company, or anything for that matter.  If you can add to the Keystone Company history with verified information I would love to hear from you.

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My Personal Keystone Collection

This is my personal collection of Keystone toys.  The goal of most collectors is to find items in the best possible condition.  My intent is no different.  You will however see toys that I own that are in far from mint condition.  When I started this collection there was so little information about Keystone wooden toys that there was no way of knowing what was rare and what was common.  Things like the printing plates were a “no brainer”, I would likely never see more, but what was I to do about a little submarine that was not in good condition but was different in size or color?  Would I ever see another one or always regret not making the purchase?  So I took the approach of buying the things that I had never come across before.  To this point I have not regretted that collecting choice.  I own several toys that I have yet to see another one like it.  Still others I own have variations in style or color that may be due to production changes or minor errors, only more research will tell.  When a toy that I own comes along in better condition I will upgrade but I will enjoy my little ugly duckling until that happens.

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