Train Set #4784

Train Set #4784

This is the second set like this that I have acquired. Both are in this type of box which is not typical of the boxes of the 1950’s. This box…

Keystone Ferry Boat

Keystone Ferry Boat C-7

This ferry boat is a bit of a mystery at the moment. I am sure it was made in the 1950’s but it appears in none of the catalogs. It…

Wood Block Village #712

Wood Block Village #712

This is one of the larger sets that Keystone made. It has eight building and three cars. The smaller set did not have cars. Everything is wood or tekwood. From…

Automatic Parking Garage #213

Automatic Parking Garage #213

This parking garage has a lot of things going on. At 12″ square it is a smaller garage but more action than the larger ones. It came with six vehicles,…

K-5 Speedboat

This is a K-5 speedboat measuring 23″ in length. It appears in the 1938-1939 catalog. It is a power boat. The handle near the engine is turned to wind it…

Keystone Projectors Catalog Early

Kinescope Projectors Catalog

This is a small fold out catalog. It has projectors and films listed. Based on the graphics of the cover I would place this catalog at circa 1925. From my…

Keystone Movie Projectors Catalog

Junior Model Catalog

This is a small fold out catalog of projectors and films. based on the cover graphics I would place this circa 1930. From my private collection.

Keystone Kinescope Catalog 1930

Kinescope Catalog 1930

This catalog is mid sized and features projectors and films. The catalog is dated 1930. From my private collection.