Woodpecker Pull Toy

Woodpecker Pull Toy

This little woodpecker is 5.5″ long and 7″ high. When pulled the woodpecker pecks the tree. Currently unknown date. From my private collection.

Keystone Electric Traffic Tower

Electric Traffic Tower #321

This is a very hard to find item with the box. It is 6″ tall. You install a battery which powers a lightbulb. When you turn the knob at the…

Keystone Movie Operator Set

Keystone Movie Operator Set

These set as a whole are rare. There is the operator pinback button, the paper badge that it came on, a group of tickets and the remains of a paper…

Keystone Shooting Cowboy Pull Toy

Keystone Shooting Cowboy Pull Toy

This is one of two versions of the cowboy pull toy. The other is the guitar cowboy. This is 11″ long by 11″ high. The base and wheels are wood…

Barking Dog With Drum #106

Barking Dog with Drum #106

This is one of Keystone’s pull toys. It measures 11.5″ long by 10″ high. The dog and drum are wood and Tekwood. The drum does make noise when rolled. All…

Drop Leaf Table #801

Drop Leaf Table #801

This drop leaf table measures 5″ high and 9″ wide with the leaves open. Produced after 1953. This one was purchaesed at FAO Swartz. From my private collection.

Colonial Cupboard

Colonial Cupboard Model #803

A large colonial cupboard at 10″ high and 6.5″ wide. Produced after 1953. All wood construction. This one was purchased at FAO Swartz. From my private collection.

Ladder Back Chair

Ladder Back Chairs #802

A pair of model #802 Ladder Back Chairs. They are 6.5 inches tall with a stenciled seat. These were produced after 1953. These two were bought at FAO Swartz. From…

Keystone Wardrobe #612

Keystone Wood Toys Wardrobe #612

This wardrobe is 10.5″ tall and 7″ wide. It was produced after 1953. This is part of a series of doll furniture items that could be purchased individually. These items…