Keystone Moviegraph Catalog 1926

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Keystone Moviegraph Catalog from 1926. This catalog has no titles to the movies for sale. They are divided into general catagories. The reason for this is that these were used films from movie theaters and it was unknown what Keystone would be receiving, therefore what they would have for sale.
From my private collection.

3 Replies to “Keystone Moviegraph Catalog 1926”

  1. Hi Derrick… Wish you could post the insides of these pre-1930 film catalogs. Would be of big help to us film collectors. Thank you! – SteveR, Philadelphia

    1. Hello Steve,
      If you take a look at the list of confirmed Keystone model numbers under the heading identifying toys I have all the model numbers and descriptions of the films from these catalogs. It is an extensive list but should cover what you need.

  2. Hi Derrick, I have a Keystone opaque projector, new in the box, from a store that closed in 1968. It’s mint, and has all parts, but top 2” of box has damage from 70 years of being stored where the sun shone on that portion of the box.
    Let me know if you are interested.

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