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Keystone Catalog

This is a 5.75″ by 9″ pamphlet style catalog. Keystone was at 288 A Street from 1925 to 1941. Based on the graphics and content the catalog is from the later 1920’s.

From my private collection.

8 Replies to “Keystone Moviegraph Catalog”

  1. Hi Derrick. Just stumbled across your Keystone Film catalog. Is there a listing and title for a Harold Lloyd comedy number 387? And are there any Ben Turpin comedies listed? Thank you! – SteveR, Philadelphia

  2. Hi,

    Glad I found our site. I am cleaning out my mom and dad’s house and came across a Keystone Model 154W with a Chaplin cartoon. The projector works and my wife and I watched the film. Do you have any history or can you point me in the right direction. Probably would not sell it but… Are they wirth anything? Thanks.

    1. Hello Chuck,
      The projectors and films do have a value but not much. Most of the films are in the $10 range and projectors vary but usually under $100 as far as I have seen. I don’t have any history on your projector as that is not my area of study. I have run across antique camera groups on the internet so they are out there I just don’t have a name on hand for you. I hope I helped a bit.

      1. Derrick,

        When looking for a film for one of these hand cranked projectors, what do you look for as far as search criteria?


        1. Hello Ron,
          I do not collect or know much about the projector and camera side of Keystone. I include them on my website to built a complete catalog of what they produced.

  3. It has, thanks. My dad was in the business for many years and I did not even know he had it.


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