Keystone Manufacturing Company

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Keystone Manufacturing Company

Boston, Massachusetts


Founders: Edward Swartz, J. M. Welsman, Isadore Marks and Benjamin Marks


Keystone Manufacturing Company was founded in 1919 to produce moving picture machines.  Interestingly, at the time Isadore and Benjamin Marks were the president and treasurer, respectively, of the Marks Brothers Company, which had been in the toy business since 1911.  In 1924, Keystone started their line of pressed steel toys, for which it is best known.  The line of toys was modeled after the Packard trucks of the day and featured the Packard logo on the grill.  In 1932, Keystone introduced a line of pressed steel “Ride ‘Em” vehicles of which the mail plane is the most recognized.

Keystone began producing wooden toys in the 1930s with the acquisition of Jacrim Manufacturing Company, another local Boston toy company.  Isadore and Benjamin Marks had a controlling interest in Jacrim since 1926, only four years after Jacrim was founded.  Keystone Manufacturing would continue producing film equipment, pressed steel and wooden toys until 1953 when the company was divided.  Keystone Manufacturing produced the film equipment and pressed steel toys while Keystone Wood Toys handled all of the wooden and “tekwood” toys.  In 1954, the company would split again forming the Keystone Camera Company and Keystone Manufacturing Company, which continued to produce the pressed steel toys.  Keystone Wood Toys ceased production in January 1958 and Keystone Manufacturing continued on until 1960.  In 1965, Keystone Camera Company was purchased by Berkley Photo and in 1967 was moved from the Boston location, thus ending the existence of the Keystone Manufacturing Company.

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  1. Hello to whom ever gets this e-mail. My name is Dannielle Bell. I have a product that I think was made by you between 1919-1940. The model A-7 No.A 128732 16 millimeter if you can tell me more about what I have I greatly thank you.

    1. Hello Dannielle,
      Keystone Camera Company, formally Keystone Manufacturing, was sold off in 1964 so I have no affiliation with the company. I am simply a collector of their toys. As for their camera equipment I know almost nothing about that product line. There are several camera sites on the web that have Keystone camera and projectors collectors. Sorry I can’t help. Best of luck.

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