Jacrim Manufacturing Company

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Jacrim Manufacturing Company

Boston, Massachusetts

1922 – 1934

Founders:  Charles H. Jackson, Arthur L. Jackson and Chester A. Rimmer


Jacrim Manufacturing Company was founded in 1922 in Malden, Massachusetts to produce metal products.  Founders Arthur Jackson and Chester Rimmer both studied naval architecture at MIT and were 1921 graduates.  With the backing of Arthur’s Uncle Charles Jackson and Chester Rimmer’s Uncles David and John Rimmer, both officers for the company, the two began producing wooden ships and sailboats that were as well-crafted as their full-sized counterparts.  The Jacrim product line would grow beyond the “Seaworthy Boats” to also include “Flying Yankee” motor boats; “Ride ‘Em wagons and carts; wooden forts; and “Tom Thumb” ships, vehicles and trains.

By 1926 Charles Jackson and David and John Rimmer were no longer with the company.   Isadore and Benjamin Marks were now President and Secretary, respectively, of Jacrim Manufacturing.  The Marks brothers had been in the toy business since 1911 with the Marks Brothers Company.  In 1919 the brothers were founding members of Keystone Manufacturing Company, another Boston toy company.  By 1928 all three companies were producing toys from one location at 288 A Street, Boston.  Jacrim Manufacturing would continue to produce toys under its own name until it was merged into Keystone Manufacturing Company, and the Jacrim Manufacturing Company was legally dissolved in 1934.  Keystone Manufacturing’s boat products were known as the “Jacrim” line through 1934.  At this time the ships went from largely hand-made to machine cut parts.  Chester Rimmer, the last of the founders of Jacrim, would continue on with Keystone until his retirement in 1958.

9 Replies to “Jacrim Manufacturing Company”

  1. Do you know any thing about a dual wheeled keystone 1920s dump truck ? does it have the standard dump bed as all the rest. its a hand crank bed lift thru the front bumper ?

    1. Hello,
      I am not a expert on the metal toys manufactured by Keystone. My focus is on their wooden toys. I wish I could refer you to someone but I have yet to match up with a Keystone metal toy expert. Sorry.

  2. I have an old camera the model number is a 7 a 113 788 I was just looking where I can take it if someone’s interested in it I found it when I was cleaning up my father’s house I don’t even know what year this camera was made it’s pretty cool can you get back to me thank you

    1. Hello Pat,
      I really don’t know anything about Keystone cameras but there are a number of camera clubs out there that maybe able to help. I do know that there is interest in old Keystone cameras and projectors.

  3. Hello Derrick, We have a pond boat labeled Jacrim Mfg Co, Charles A. Rimmer Naval Architect. It is labeled Seaworthy Boats, but it is not the red lettered label I’m finding in photos on-line. just a simple rope lettering. The boat is 25″ long, 31.5″ tall. Sails and rigging are all original. The keel and rutter are also intact and in good shape. Other than a few scratches the deck and hull are in great condition We are trying to find a manufactured date. Would you be able to help? Best, CJ

    1. Hello CJ,
      Little Jacrim paperwork or any catalogs have surfaced making individual pieces difficult to date precisely. I believe the rope logo is later as they became more involved with Keystone but cannot confirm that yet. As for a general date Jacrim produced sailboats from 1922 to 1934. Best guess on what you described I would say late 1920’s.

    2. I have one that is 26 1/2″ long and about 31 1/2″ from mast top to bottom of the keel . The decal only says JACRIM Hollow Core Boston. No reference to Seaworthy or Keystone. I am guessing it is earlier. The hull is solid Red but may have been repainted. I am interested in seeing some detailed photos of it. Thanks

  4. I have a 26 1/2″ long Jacrim sail boat with an original decal. The deck is mahogany and I think the hull has been repainted completely red. Would like to see some original photos.

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