Keystone USN-1 Battleship #215

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Keystone USN-I Battleship
Keystone USN-I Battleship #215

This is a Keystone USN-1 Battleship #215.  It measures 12″ x 4″.  The USN-1 is the earlier version of the B-15 Battleship.  There is no difference between the two other than the designation.  The production of this ship was from the mid 1930’s to at least 1943.  This is an early example of the USN-1 because it has the brass rails and metal flag on the bow.  These two items are hold overs from the Jacrim ships prior to 1934.  By 1940 the USN-1 no longer had the rails and flag.  So we are looking at no more than a six year production run with the rails and flag.  This example is missing the main mast.

From my private collection.





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