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ck-blog-img-grnI received another box of Keystone replacement parts from Jerry Tompkins widow today.  This is the remainder of the parts that Jerry had made.  Jerry’s collection is boxed and will be going to auction in the spring.  I hope to pick up a few key pieces to add to my collection.  But first I need to get a few boats from Bob Jones.   I am not sure what I am going to do with all of these replacement parts but have considered reviving Jerry’s parts business.  I know a quality woodworker locally that could recreate the parts.  What would be the interest in replacement parts?  I would intent to discretely mark them as replacements so a keystone ship could not be passed off as complete and original.


  1. Brenda

    I am looking for replacement sails for a Keystone boat. I have pictures, but don’t know too much about the boat. Would love to know more.

  2. Roger Sload

    I’m looking for replacement ladders for my keystone pumper fire truck.

  3. Derrick- I have patterns made for most of he keystone sailboats. Bob

  4. karen wolfe

    I need a Keystone Ride on replacement seat (1920’s style, 4 legs). Anyone have one or do you know who makes them.

    • Hello,
      I deal with parts for the wooden boats. At this point I do not know of anywhere to get replacement parts for Keystone metal toys.

    • Hi – We make a seat that goes onto The Rid EM wagons. Is this what you are looking for? We also ave made legs and complete horses for these great toys.

  5. Hi, I’m looking for a steering wheel for a 1920’s vintage Keystone Mailtruck

    • Hello,
      I only deal with Keystone wooden toys and have a small selection of wooden parts for their ships. I do not currently know of anyone that I can recommend for steel parts.

  6. Greg Underwood

    I’m looking for a replacement tailgate with coal door for a 1920’s keystone large truck 26”

  7. Bob Stefanowicz

    Hello Derrick

    I am in need for the following parts for a Keystone pond boat. It has a 21 1/2″ LOA and a 4 3/4″ beam. Parts needed, rudder, rudder shaft, tiller / helm wheel,
    sails, mast and spars. (those I can make as with the sails, however, originals are always nice to have.) any chance you have any of these parts?

    Thank you in advance for your response

  8. Hello Greg

    I have a 1950’s Keystone wooden pond boat with 21 1/2 LOA Looks to probably had a bow sprit with 2 jibs. I am looking for the rudder, tiller/ wheel, I can probably fabricate the rest from photos that I have found. any parts that you might have, let me know
    Thank you in advance for your response


  9. Bob Stefanowicz

    Good day Greg
    I have left several comments asking about the wooden boat parts that you may have and have not received any response
    I have acquired a 1950’s Keystone Pond boat that appears to be the same as the ones that show with the “snow’s” logo on the mainsail. it is 21 1/2″ LOA.
    Is this something that you may have parts for? I am looking for the rudder w/ rudder shaft as well as the sails. I can fabricate the mast and other spars.
    Thank you in advance for your response.

  10. Bob Stefanowicz

    My apologies, I meant to address the posts to Derrick not Greg.

  11. Gary Gwin

    I am looking for a rear wheel for the Keystone ride on steam roller. Can you help me out?

    Thank you,


    • Hello Gary,
      I only deal in some of the wooden parts for Keystone wooden toys. I do not have a source for parts for the metal toys.

  12. Derrick- I have a 3″ wheel marked Keystone Balloon tire. There is also one on ebay for $75.00 Pictures attached in email

  13. Kc Stedman

    Looking for back door for greyhound bus hook from top /blue? Tks Kc.kcstedman@yahoocom

  14. Bill otranto

    Looking for parts to a Keystone 6400 ride on kids train from the 1930s. Need back wheels 1 set .

    • Hello Bill,
      I only deal with wooden parts not pressed steel. They is a Buddy L museum website that might be of assistance as they also deal with Keystone pressed steel.

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