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Profile PhotoOn this day of thanksgiving we usually give thanks for health, family and friends.  This year I would like to add all of you who have visited Collectingkeystone.  Two days ago the site hit of milestone of 1,000 hits in a calendar month with five days left in November.  Thank you.  The site was never intended to get tens of thousands of hits per month.  The subject matter is too specific for that type of traffic.  I had hoped that the site would hit 1,000 at some point but I thought that would be a year or two into the process.  For seven months this site has seen a consistent increase each month to the current level.  My hope is that I can keep the site interesting and developing enough to keep you all coming back, for curiosity or research, and to tell others about it.  Again, thank you for visiting and I enjoy hearing your comments and answering your questions.

Happy hunting,


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