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Yesterday I went to Renninger’s fall antique show in Mount Dora, Florida to meet Bob Jones who runs the website   What a great time I had.  Bob and I have communicated by email and phone several times but had never met until yesterday.  I have followed his site for sometime and it was one of the inspirations for starting my site.  Bob and I spent several hours talking “shop” in between the folks stopping by his booth. There were about forty Seaworthy, Jacrim and Keystone toys there for sale.  If I had a credit card I would have been in real trouble.  Bob’s focus is on the early toys produced by Jacrim and the transition into Keystone toys.  He had several examples of some amazing and rare boats.  If this is what he was selling I cannot wait to see what he has at home.  We traded stories and information while we discussed fair values for some of the more unusual toys.  We have both done extensive research into Jacrim and Keystone but it amazed me that without getting into the meat of our respective research we were filling in gaps for each other.  I look forward to our next meet when we have our materials and a copy machine.  We came to the conclusion at we are likely the only two that truly have a depth of knowledge about Jacrim and Keystone.  Jerry Tompkins may have been a third but Bob and I had only had brief contact with him before he passed earlier this year. I wish Bob success today and tomorrow at the show and cannot wait until our next meeting.  There is a link to Bob’s site in my resources section.  Take a look at his website.

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  1. I found an old boat in fair shape apparently from the 20’s or 30’s. It is a seaworthy boat jacrim manuf. co. designed by Chester Rimmer and measures 25 inches with a wind-up motor, propeller system. On the stern is a label : The Lindberg Line. Does this yacht model have any value?

    1. Hello Robert,
      Yes, there is definitely value to any on Jacrim’s motor boats. The larger the better and have one of the larger ones. Email me a few photos and I can give you more information.

  2. I have a 9″ wood electric keystone speed boat .. I would like to know as to the battery size or any info about this boak value also thanks Ray

    1. Hello Ray,
      Send me a photo and I can better help you. As for a battery it would take a battery similar to a modern C cell. Often modern batteries do not work in these old toys because battery technology has changed.

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