Seaworthy Boats (Chester Rimmer) Logo

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Seaworthy Boats (Chester Rimmer) Logo
Seaworthy Boats (Chester Rimmer) Logo

This is a Seaworthy Boats logo that mentions Chester Rimmer as a Naval Architect.  Chester was a MIT graduate in naval architecture.  This type of label was used prior to the Jacrim logos.  So this was used for the first few years of the company.  If a boat has this label it was produced in the late 1920’s.  The Seaworthy name was not an early company name but a name for the boats produced because they were build to be seaworthy.

7 Replies to “Seaworthy Boats (Chester Rimmer) Logo”

  1. I have a Chester Rimmer Seaworthy sailboat with the above logo on it. No sail, but mast is in good shape. Do you know the approx. value of it, and is there a market for this boat by collectors?

    1. Hello Mary Pat,
      I would have to see a picture as Jacrim made many different boats. Yes there is value to them, some much more than others. Jacrim produced boats in the 1920’s until 1934.

      1. I have one of these boats with the seaworthy emblem it has no mast it is 26 1/4 inches long and 6 in. wide at the center and in good shape. this is my e-mail address and would like to know what you found out about its worth. i will send a photo to your cell phone if you would give me your phone # please . I will not share it with anyone my cell # is 508 272 9615 thanks my computer is not working to send photos

  2. I have one of these boats with the Chester a Rimmer logo. I would like to Bring it to its original condition. do you know of anyone who would be able to do this thank you ahead of time

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