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ck-blog-img-gldTwo days ago I received a glowing review of the website from Old Antique Toys, a daily blog site (oldantiquetoys.blogspot.com).  The reviewer said “definitely one of the best websites that I have ever seen about toys“.  High praise for this site starting just seven months ago.  He went on to say that he liked the  design, the page layout, photo quality, writing content, and on and on“.  I have always been concerned about my ability to photograph toys for the site but the comment, “Notice how he also likes to arrange his toys for nice compositions that allow the viewer to be more stimulated by the eye movement in the photo“, puts me at ease a bit considering the reviewer used to teach photography.

It is nice to get feedback on the any work that you pour your passion into but high praise puts you over the moon.  I have worked very hard to make this the best site I can and continue to add content to improve it further.  There are plans to add additional sections to the site and make it more interactive.  Here’s to the future and the growth of this website.


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