Keystone Submarines

Keystone Submarines #317

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Keystone Submarines
Keystone Submarines

Three NOS Keystone submarines at 12″ long with their wrapping paper. These fire a torpedo when the spring lever on the deck is released.

From my private collection.

4 Replies to “Keystone Submarines #317”

  1. Derrick,
    Great site you have ! I just recently got into collecting the keystone boats/submarines. Very interesting collectables. I didn’t realize how many different sizes there were but have been finding various ones. Do you know of any reference books pertaining to these items ?
    Thank you, Pat

    1. Hello Pat,
      The only reference out there is this website and the knowledge that I have behind it. I am working on a book but it will be about a year. In the mean time I am always available for questions. I don’t want you to think I come across as a know it all but forty years of collecting and five years of research culminated in this site to be a reference point for collectors.

      1. Hi Derrick,
        With 40 yrs of collecting and 5 yrs of research that definitely puts you into the realm of “Expert”. You are so humble ! Please put me on the pre-order list for your book. That would be great to have.
        It appears I need several parts and pieces for different boats and subs. You have mentioned having spare parts, do you have a list or should I just tell you what I’m looking for ? Thx

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