Keystone Blue Plastic Car

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Keystone Blue Plastic Car

This is a Keystone blue plastic car that measures 4.5″ long.  It was used with several of the Keystone playsets of the early 1950’s.  The blue is less common than the typical red.  The car can be filled with “gas” in the trunk and drained as “oil” from the engine by pressing the button that sticks out of the engine compartment.

From my private collection.

5 Replies to “Keystone Blue Plastic Car”

  1. I have found a similar car in a grey blue. the wheels have a large K on them and the license plate reads K-48 U S A
    I thought it might be a Kiaser Fraiser.

  2. I have a “Keystone Service Station” in remarkably good condition along with 2 cars. 1 red, 2 blue… its original box. What is its questimated value. It was donated to our Church Bazaar and we want to find a happy home for this marvelous piece……

    please advise…… I am guessing about $75 to $100 plus?

    1. I love the old Service Stations…they built a bunch of different models over the years. Check Ebay for a feel for what you have. I purchased a very nice two story Service Station with the box for $138 and am very happy with the deal. I would enjoy seeing what you found.

      1. Hello Billie,
        I enjoy the service stations as well but do not currently have any. I have been concentrating on the boats and rarer toys. In a few more years I am sure I will be adding some to my collection.

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