Two Keystone Plastic Cars

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Keystone Plastic Cars

These are two keystone plastic cars that measure just over 4.5″ long.  The cars are transitions from the more complicated earlier cars and the use of Thomas produced plastic cars.  The cars are identical to the earlier versions with two exceptions.  The removable blue engine is gone and replaced with a molded engine.  The second change is a larger hubcap with a Keystone K in the center.  Note the black tires on the second car.  This is the first time I have seen anything other than white tires.

2 Replies to “Two Keystone Plastic Cars”

  1. I have recently acquired a KEYSTONE SERVICE STATION in fair condition and 2 cars in PERFECT CONDITION. 1 Red and 1 Blue. These items were donated to me today and I would like to sell them privately. I haven’t any idea on their worth but the person who donated the station and cars said that each car was worth at least $50. Please advise as the money will go to our church as the owner intended for it to.

    1. Hello,
      Without seeing the station and which one it is its difficult to give a number but generally in fair condition you are looking at less than $50. As for the cars the red one will be $20 to $25 and the blue at $35 to $40. Good luck with your sale.

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