American Horror Story Freakshow

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ck-blog-img-redI don’t know if anyone is watching American Horror Story Freakshow but I noticed something of interest to Keystone collectors.  If you are into Keystone camera equipment the projector that is used in the dining tent is a Keystone.  Nothing earth shattering but I’m always on the lookout for anything manufactured by Keystone when I watch any period movies or shows.

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  1. I have a Keystone Projector Model D62. Everything original including the box, number 18,762 out of 1,869,149. Would it be something you might be interested in? I’ll send pics if you are.

    1. Hello,
      I don’t collect Keystone camera equipment just their information as it pertains to the company in general or product model number. Thank you for the offer though.

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