Keystone Tug & Barge from #944 Set

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Keystone Tug & Barge from Model #944 Set
Keystone Tug & Barge from Model #944 Set

This Keystone tug and barge are part of the #944 Lighters with Tug set.  The tug measures 6″ x 2.25″ x 2.5″.  The barge is 6″ x 2.75 x 2″.  The full set included the tug, two barges with a green hulls and red roofs and one with a red hull and green roof.  These examples are in nice shape but a previous young owner felt that the paint needed refreshing.  All of the red areas have been painted as well as the cabin on the barge, that should be white.  Under the red paint on the hull of the tug is the name “Tooter”.  I usually don’t bother with repaints but the price was right and I didn’t have an example of these yet.  Model #944 appears in a 1952 Keystone catalog.  This was the last year of wooden toys produced by Keystone Manufacturing.  The following year the company split and all wooden toys were made by Keystone Wood Toys.

From my private collection.

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