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  1. I have collected 6 Keystone Playset Garages. How wonderful they are, the greatest look and the gas-fill-up system for cars is incredible. I am hungry for more info about these garages. Your website has satisfied me some, but the coverage of these garages is lacking. Were the garages a small part of Keystone’s catalog. Anyone with more info?

    1. Hello,
      Garages and buildings of various sorts were common toys produced by Keystone through the 1940’s and definitely in the 1950’s. I don’t cover them much yet because I have not found many in the condition that I would want to purchase. There is not a lot of info out there on Keystone buildings. One source I do know of is Toy Buildings by Patty Cooper and Dian Zillner. The book covers many manufacturers but has quite a few Keystone buildings with descriptions and prices.

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