1951 Paramount Supplies Catalog

1951 Paramount Supplies Catalog

1951 Paramount Supplies Catalog

An ad from a 1951 Paramount Supplies catalog.

A copy of a original.


  1. Rick Albert

    I have collected 6 Keystone Playset Garages. How wonderful they are, the greatest look and the gas-fill-up system for cars is incredible. I am hungry for more info about these garages. Your website has satisfied me some, but the coverage of these garages is lacking. Were the garages a small part of Keystone’s catalog. Anyone with more info?

    • Hello,
      Garages and buildings of various sorts were common toys produced by Keystone through the 1940’s and definitely in the 1950’s. I don’t cover them much yet because I have not found many in the condition that I would want to purchase. There is not a lot of info out there on Keystone buildings. One source I do know of is Toy Buildings by Patty Cooper and Dian Zillner. The book covers many manufacturers but has quite a few Keystone buildings with descriptions and prices.

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