Keystone C4 U.S. Coast Guard Ships

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Keystone C4 U.S. Coast Guard Ships
Keystone C4 U.S. Coast Guard Ships

These ships measure 7″x 2″.  I do not know if these were sold individually or as part of a set as they are labeled “Coast Guard” not “Coast Defense” and differ in design from all of the other C-4 ships.

From my private collection.

3 Replies to “Keystone C4 U.S. Coast Guard Ships”

  1. I’m happy to have found your terrific website. I enjoy collecting Coast Guard toys and picked up what I think is a Keystone Coast Guard boat. However, my toy says only “Coast Guard” without the “C4.” Just thought I’d share… Mark

      1. It is nearly identical to the C4 Coast Guard boats featured on your site. I’ll be happy to send a photo. Is there a way to attach it to this style of message, or would you like to provide a separate email address? Mark

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