Keystone Plastic Car

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Keystone Plastic Car
Keystone Plastic Car

These cars came with several different automotive play sets but kids could order additional ones like this one.  The car is 4.5″ x 1.5″ and is in near mint condition with the original box . This car was ordered and mailed in January 1950.  The price to mail it was only .06 cents.

From my private collection.


2 Replies to “Keystone Plastic Car”

  1. I have Keystone No.126 2 Keystone automobiles in original box. one blue and one red car. Like new. Any idea of value?

    1. Hello,
      The cars run about $25 apiece but the value increases with the box. Usually the box increases the price by 20%. If the cars are complete and clean and the box is solid I would say about $75. However, the last time I saw a set sell on EBay it went for $102 back in 2002.

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