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This section is for the verification of toys that were produced by Keystone.  The intent is to match each toy with a catalog, box or advertisement to confirm it was produced by Keystone.  In time a “catalog” will be created that will have a Keystone model number and a toy associated with it.  I have found that Keystone reused model numbers over the years.  This was done with the wooden toys and there was overlapping of model numbers between the wooden toys, steel toys and film equipment/accessories.

4 Replies to “Identifying Toys”

  1. Hi I’ve come across a Keystone projector with the model number E-748. Notice your listing has 746 but not 748.

    1. Hello,
      My list grows as I can verify model numbers so it is not representative on all model numbers yet. If you can send me a photo of what you have with the model number shown I can add it.

  2. Did Keystone Wood Toys make toys for other companies such as Sears? The reason I ask is that I have service center that I’m sure was made by Keystone but it’s unbranded. It’s masonite 2 story building with a gray base. The air machine is like the one’s I’ve seen on Keystone sets. It has a lifting metal ramp, an elevator with string crank, 2 wood gas pumps. and opening door to the bathroom. It has signs on the building for tires, office, lubrication and more. Thanks in advance, Steve

    1. Hello Steve,
      Keystone did make toys private label toys for several companies. I have yet to come across anything that gives me a definitave what for who list. So visual clues like you have are the best identification.

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