Dexterity Puzzle

Dexterity Puzzle

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Dexterity Puzzle
Dexterity Puzzle

This is a hand held dexterity puzzle that measures 3.5″ by 5″. It is cardboard with a clip around metal frame. The bomber “floats” in the frame. The object is to get the wooden “bombs” into the bomb bays on the back of the wings. Difficult and entertaining. Date and manufacturer unknown. Assumed to be from early WWII before the ban on metal for toys.

From my private collection.

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  1. Derrick,

    RE- the Bomber puzzle’s age;

    In addition to collecting toys, I also had a large WW2 collection. I’ve had many of these types of skill puzzles over the years [but never seen this one]. I suspect this version is from the very late pre-WW2 period due to the camouflage style of the fuselage paint, and it’s designed to look like the B-17 that was first made in 1935. Most US made toy aircraft produced during the war had the well-known Army Air Force Red-White-Blue emblem with the star, and that continued for a long time after the Korean conflict as well.

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