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  1. Hi, I’ve visited your impressive website a number of times and have always found it informative. I have a hobby business that since 1980 has manufactured replica parts for scratch-built and shop-built vintage competition model yachts and pond sailboats. Our fittings includes restoration parts for Jacrim, Seaworthy and Keystone Sailboats. In addition we own the A. J. Fisher press tooling and now also offer that line of model yacht fittings. PDF catalogs are available by sending your email address to our email address shown below. Thanks for your time. Burt Bechtel, Appreciating Antiques, San Pablo, CA, 94806 We don’t have a website since I’m not trying to increase our business – we are already very busy, with a waiting list for custom parts, but if you are stuck for a sailboat fitting we can help.

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