Jacrim Tom Thumb Wooden Train

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Jacrim Tom Thumb Train
Jacrim Tom Thumb Train

I have been working on a Jacrim Tom Thumb wooden train that I acquired recently.  The wooden train was manufactured sometime between 1929 and 1934.  A similar train that is only two cars and an engine appears in a 1931 advertisement.  The train has four cars and an engine and an overall length of five feet.  One of the cars had been painted black and I have successfully removed the black paint.  It is now the original green.  Paint removal is difficult and usually not successful but I was lucky the black paint was water based.  Randy’s Toy Shop is going to fabricate new connector hooks for the cars as there is only one of the originals left.  When it is done I will have a truly unique, because it is complete, and rare Jacrim Tom Thumb train to enjoy.

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  1. I was the other bidder. Glad you won it. I have a guy in Jacksonville who makes horse legs for the Ride em toys and does beautiful wood work. Randy is very expensive. We can make almost anything too. I have a Ride em being restored now. Hope you are well. I am looking for a photo of a small Keystone liner as I have made the masts and just wanted to see in the stern mast had a tresel tree. I have an 16″ with a plane and 12″ liner and a wind up liner. See you, Bob

    1. Hello,
      Email a couple of photos of what you have and I will see if I can match them up with a catalog listing or photo for you. Glad you were the other bidder. I always hope that the toys are going to other Jacrim / Keystone collectors. We need a few sizable collections out there to build recognition for Jacrim / Keystone wooden toys.

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