Keystone “Snow’s” Sailboat

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Keystone “Snow’s” Sailboat
Keystone Close up of “Snow’s” Logo









This is a Keystone “Snow’s” sailboat.  I believe this to be advertising Snow’s brand foods.  From the stern to the end of the boom the sailboat is 24″, the hull is 4″ at its widest and the height is 32″ from keel to mast top.  The hull is solid wood and the keel is metal to give it weight to float upright.  The boom, the wheel and the spreader are plastic.  There are condition issues with this example as the front sail, which is vinyl, is torn and the rudder and mast cap are missing.  Beyond that it is a nice example of a toy that was produced in the late 1940’s to early 1950’s.

From my personal collection.

5 Replies to “Keystone “Snow’s” Sailboat”

  1. I have some of these Snow’s sailboats by Keystone. They are brand new, never been opened. I found a crate of them in the attic. I did open one and build it and it is the same as in your picture. How much are they worth and how collectible are they?

    1. Hello Mike,
      What a find. These sailboats are collectible as Keystone toys and to some as advertisement pieces. As for value they are not fetching all that much at this point dispite their size. I don’t see them often but they go in the $50 to $75 range. You mentioned a crate. Is it a wooden crate or a labeled cardboard box? Would you send me a photo of the crate and one of the unopened boxes? I have always been curious as to what the model number was for this sailboat. Photos can be sent to

      1. Hi Derrick,
        Check your email. I sent you pictures of the boxes that the Snow’s Keystone sailboats came in. The box containing all the boats says Ideal Toy Corp. on it. They were distributed by Fargo Stores at 53 Fargo St in Boston in the late 50s early 60s.

          1. Mike, let me know if you would be willing to part with any of these Snow’s sailboats. I would so treasure one as i have only a few remnants of one. Susan Snow

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