“Drive Em” Horse & Wagon Logo

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"Drive Em" Horse & Wagon Logo
“Drive Em” Horse & Wagon Logo

This logo is from the series of horse and wagons produced by Jacrim.  A logo like this appears on the floor of a wagon toward the back.  This logo was used until 1934 when Jacrim was dissolved.


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  1. My horse drawn wagon has the “Drive Em” Horse & Wagon Logo on the center front roof of my wagon. It is pulled by two brown body and white mane hand carved wood horses with real horse hair tails. Each horse has a round label on the right side of it’s neck which reads “Drive Em Horse-All Wood”. Label is red with white lettering around the circle and in the center is the image of the black horse head as on on logo above. The name on the wagon sides is “AMERICAN ICE COMPANY”. It also has its original green canvas that hangs from the inside of the roof at the rear of this wagon.

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