Keystone Plastic Car

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Keystone Plastic Car
Keystone Plastic Car
Keystone Plastic Car
Keystone Plastic Car

This is the most common of the plastic fillable cars that Keystone made.  It measures 4.5″ x 1.5″.  The hood raises and the engine is a separate piece that can be removed.  The car could be filled with “fuel” at the back of the car.  This would fill a tank under the engine.  When the tank needed to be emptied the pin that is in the engine compartment was pressed to open the valve at the bottom.  You will see that the underside reads Keystone Made in USA.  With the Keystone vehicles that I have seen the license plate will start with the letter K.

From my private collection.

8 Replies to “Keystone Plastic Car”

  1. Would like more info about Keystone plastic automobiles. I acquired a little blue car that is in pristine condition but do not know how it operates. What is used for fuel and what do you use to fill the tank with? What is a little car like this worth?



    1. Hello Steve,
      The car would be filled with water through the hole in the trunk lid. The water would travel through the hose on the underside of the car and fill the tank below the engine. The tank could be emptied by the brass peg that protrudes through the car hood. This opens a hole at the bottom of the tank and allows the water to empty out. There weren’t any mechanics to move the car other than a child’s hand. As to value I have seen them sell for a wide range of prices. These cars have sold for less than $10 dollars and I saw one sell for almost $60, so it truly depends on how much someone is willing to pay. Red and blue are the most common colors and I see them average $25 in excellent condition. Other colors as they surface are worth more. If you find one with a shipping box, they could be purchased individually from Keystone, expect to double the price if the box is in good shape.

      1. Derrick,

        Thank you very much for the information. It is an interesting car to say the least! I originally thought the “fuel” propelled the car but after investigating I couldn’t see any way for the car to operate on its own. I assume the year date on this car was early post-war. Interestingly enough, I was not looking for this car, in fact I did not know of the existence of this car or brand. I purchased a large collection of Lionel trains and the trains included a box full of all sorts of things and the lady I bought the trains from called the box owned by her deceased brother, “his treasures”. Indeed they were because the box included Barclay cars and a transport, Barclay soldiers, Barclay railroad station people, many other items including the little blue Keystone car. One other question for you. How was the water added to the fuel tank? Again, thanks you for your comments.

        Steve Snook

  2. Hello Steve,
    Take a look at the 1949 Wards Christmas Catalog that I have posted in the advertisement section. There are a couple of station examples that have a gas pump.

  3. very interesting information about the keystone cars. could you tell me what the windows were made of. was it vellum? thanks

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