Keystone Dairy Farm Model #521

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Keystone Dairy Farm Model #521
Keystone Dairy Farm Model #521
Keystone Dairy Farm Model #521
Keystone Dairy Farm Model #521

This Dairy Farm measures 16″ x 16″.  The look of the interior is a bit different that the set in the 1954 catalog.  The milking wall is floor to ceiling in the catalog but this one is a half wall.  Included with this set were four cows, an 8″ wooden milk truck and milk cans, all of which are missing from this barn.  Many years ago someone thought the barn would look better with electrical tape over the roof lines. Originally the roof would have been all red.

From my private collection.

3 Replies to “Keystone Dairy Farm Model #521”

  1. Hi Derrick!

    I think I just found a treasure……my sister had a toy farm when we were little… was our favorite toy….we have pined over the fact that it, with so many other things, went out when my parents sold our home 43 years ago….Ginny and I never knew the name of the manufacturer until a few weeks ago….I was meandering all over the web googling toy farms from the 1940’s and 50’s and then I saw Keystone! It was like opening the best Christmas present…..I took screen shots of everything I saw and emailed them to Ginny…..she has not stopped talking about it since……I tried to find a farm for sale but have had no luck…..I love your story. Is there a chance there is a farm for sale? I am so happy to find this site!

    All the best,

    1. Hello Linda,
      I do not have a farm for sale but keep an eye on Ebay. They came up for sale on a regular basis. There are two types, one with a pond and one without. The pond is later from the 1950’s. Good luck.

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