Keystone Magnetic Scenes Model #519

Keystone Magnetic Scenes Model #519

Keystone Magnetic Scenes Model #519

This set has a metal, framed background that measures 17″ x 13″.  All of the pieces are magnetic and can be placed on the background to tell a story.  The set was never played with as the cellophane wrapping is still enclosing it.  This set appears in the 1954 catalog.

From my private collection.


  1. Just got the same thing was wondering if it’s worth anything, thx for your time

    • Hello,
      These type of Keystone toys don’t surface too often and when they do they are usually missing pieces. If complete, but played with you’re looking at the $20 range. If the set is in unplayed condition the price moves up to the $40 range.

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