Marks Brothers Table Tennis Set

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Marks Brothers Table Tennis Set
Marks Brothers Table Tennis Set
Marks Brothers Table Tennis Set Box Cover
Marks Brothers Table Tennis Set

This is a complete Table Tennis set.  The set dates from the early 1930’s.  Marks Brothers was a toy company in Boston that predates Keystone by about ten years.  Isidore Marks was one of the founding members of Marks Brothers and Keystone Manufacturing.  Mr. Marks was the force behind consolidating Marks Brothers, Keystone Manufacturing and Jacrim Manufacturing into one company.

From my private collection.

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    1. Hello,
      I only have one Marks brothers catalog from 1938-39 and it has several different table tennis sets in it. I don’t know if Marks brothers continued into the 1940’s with these sets but I have assumed that most like your’s are from the 1930’s. This assumption is based box graphics and some invoices that I have.

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