Keystone Coast Defense Fort Model #525 1942

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Keystone Coast Defense Fort Model #525 1942
Keystone Coast Defense Fort Model #525 1942

This Coast Defense Fort is a model #525 that measures 24″ x 12″ and was produced starting in 1942.  The version prior to 1942 had a swivel plane launch to the right side, gun turrets at the front not in the yard, water and single dock to the left side and did not have the large search lights on top of the fort.

From my private collection.

4 Replies to “Keystone Coast Defense Fort Model #525 1942”

  1. I bought one of these at an auction last night. In of all places Amish country. Pretty cool and apparently not too common.

    1. Hello,
      These coast defense forts are a lot of fun. They were one of the first items that I tried to collect one of each. I am still looking for an electric version. Enjoy your new toy!

    1. Hola, gracias por la oferta, pero mi coleccion es privida, y los jugetes no se venden.

      Visite a su blog, y me gusto su coleccion.

      Me gustaria estar en contacto con usted, porque soy parte de un grupo de colectores de jugetes, Antique Toy Collectors of America. El grupo siempre esta buscando socios nuevos, nacionales y internacionales.

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