Keystone Coast Defense Fort Model #523 1942

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Keystone Coast Defense Fort Model #523 1942
Keystone Coast Defense Fort Model #523 1942

This Coast Defense Fort is a model #523 and measures 16″ x 8″.  This style with the rounded, white dock at the front was produced starting in 1942.  Prior to 1942 the dock in front was a flat front “stone wall” with a cannon in the center and swivel searchlights to each side.  Another change can be seen in the gun control.  Prior to 1942 there were two gun windows in the gun control, after there was just the one.  If you compare this to the other #523 in the box, that I have shown, you will notice a color variation in the green lawn.

From my private collection.

2 Replies to “Keystone Coast Defense Fort Model #523 1942”

  1. Howdy,
    I believe I have a Model 523 41-42 transition as you called it.
    I am interested in selling it, but haven’t a clue what it is worth.
    My wife and I have an ETSY store By the name of “Vintage Downsizing” where we are selling items
    that we have collected during our 35+ years of marriage.
    We sure would appreciate any guidance you would be generous enough to offer.

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