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Keystone Boat Catalog 1941
Keystone Boat Catalog 1941

I picked up another catalog and have been looking it over for any new information.  It is a 1941 Keystone boat catalog.  There are a couple of model numbers that are new and there is a rowboat that I have never seen before.  One of the most interesting things I found is that the “Shooting Battleship” is listed as model #215 and in the general 1941-1942 Keystone catalog the same ship is listed as model #207.  There are no differences between the two.  I knew that model numbers changed for some items and model numbers were reused for different products but I never thought that it would happen mid year.  After 1941 this toy was consistently model #207.

The other interesting thing learned from this catalog is the continued use of the Jacrim name. Jacrim Manufacturing had been dissolved in 1934 and became a part of Keystone Manufacturing.  Keystone continued to sell stock that had the Jacrim name on it but when did this end?  By 1941 all of the wooden boats and ships were physically labeled Keystone and I thought the Jacrim name was done.  However, this catalog mentions “Keystone’s Jacrim Boats” in the introduction and each page has “Jacrim Wood Division” at the bottom.  So the Jacrim name continued on for at least seven years after it was dissolved.

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