Keystone “Tru-Scale” Candle Pin Set

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"Tru-Scale Candle Pin Set
Keystone “Tru-Scale Candle Pin Set

This set is a bit of a mystery at the moment.  I have yet to see this set shown or mentioned in any Keystone literature.  Did it come with one of the Bowling Alley sets or is it a stand alone item?  This set has ten pin wooden pins that are 3.25″ high with a weighted core, nine metal balls and is missing the level.  The number of balls seems odd but is there an extra or is it short one?

From my private collection.


10 Replies to “Keystone “Tru-Scale” Candle Pin Set”

  1. Hello, I just acquired a bowling set called tru-scale official home bowling alley. your set looks like the pins and balls that go with my set. I have 10 pins and three balls. The alley is quite cool and is about 8 feet long about 14′ wide and legs that put it off the ground about 2 feet. I wonder if Keystone made a replacement part box or if when you purchased the alley you got the pins and balls in a box such as yours. We’re having fun with it and it even came with a scorecard pad with old scores from when my husband was a boy

    1. Hello,
      I have yet to see an instruction sheet with a bowling alley to know for sure if one could order an additional set of pins and balls. Keystone typically did offer additional parts to most of their sets so I have no reason to believe that the bowling alleys would be any different. I know that more score sheets could be ordered as I have a box of those. The pin and ball set I have is, I believe, an additional set that was ordered separately.

    2. I also have the ally, 4 balls, wooden pins and score sheets. My family has owned this since l was a child and I am 70 now. Just curious as to what it might be worth.

      1. Hello Marcia,
        The Keystone bowling ally sets don’t sell for much. In fact I have never seen an auction on EBay bid on. Although they are neat and fun to play, if complete, I think they are too large to have much interest for toy collectors. There were several different sizes and sets but I would say all go for less then $50. If you were to sell and someone could pick it up you should be able to get more for it.

  2. just got a set of TRU-Scale Candle Pin set with 10 pins and one steel ball.. no instrcutions or paperwork with this set…. cover of box is missingsome sides… looks like it was well played with… date this??? 1930’s??

    1. Hello,
      The bowling alley sets first appear in the 1940 Keystone catalog. The candle pin sets are from the same time frame, the 1940’s. I have always been surprised that they still came with a steel ball and not a wooden one due to the metal restrictions during the war.

  3. I have a Keystone Tru-Scale Candle Pin Set. The set contains the alley, 10 wooden candle pins, 7 steel balls, the instruction sheet, and a score sheet pad. The set is in good shape but two of the legs have been replaced. The box lid is a little rough and missing one edge. I acquired it 20 years ago and sadly now have to part with it. Might there be anyone interested in purchasing it?

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