1933 Keystone Catalog

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Catalog, Keystone 1933
Keystone Catalog 1933

This is a 1933 Keystone catalog.  It is twenty-five pages of Junior Steel toys, Ride ‘Em steel toys, Ride ‘Em wooden toys, Jacrim wooden boats, Tom Thumb boats and home movie equipment.  The catalog shows the transition of Jacrim Manufacturing into a division of Keystone Manufacturing.

From my private collection.

2 Replies to “1933 Keystone Catalog”

  1. I have Tudor style dollhouse with stairway, had a small light bulb at top of steps, closet. 6 rooms. Real doors, metal shutters. 1937 about. Is this in a catalog somewhere? Love to have history. In family all my life.

    1. Hello,
      There is an Old English, half timbered house in the Keystone 1938-39 catalog. It measures 36″ long by 27″ high and can be lit by house current. There are french metal windows that open outward. If this sounds like what you have, it is a model #1281. I don’t know how long it was produced as I do not have many 1930’s catalogs. It is not in the 1933 catalog or the Keystone 1940-41 catalog so safe to assume this model only had about a five year production run.

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